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Expeditions - Chronograph von Breitling

Dank ihres auf die Flugnotruf-Frequenz von 121,5 MHz eingestellten Mikrosenders hat sich die Emergency von Breitling bei Aeronautikprofis als unschlagbares Instrument bestätigt. Mit der 2003 präsentierten Emergency Mission hat Breitling eine neue, Chronographen -ähnlichere Version des erfolgreichen Piloteninstruments geschaffen. Dieses Modell gibt sich bewußt "ziviler" als das Original. So ersetzt polierter Stahl das Titan , und die digitalen Funktionen erscheinen als analoge Anzeigen. Obschon von umgänglicherer Erscheinung, bleibt der Emergency Mission Chronograph eine hocheffiziente Instrumentenuhr mit einem leistungsstarken Mikrosender, der den Luftfahrtzeug-Baken in nichts nachsteht.

Text: Breitling




Elektronisches, thermokompensiertes Quarzwerk Breitling 73 (SuperQuartz) (Basis ETA Thermoline 251.232) Chronometer -zertifiziert


Edelstahl Ø 45 mm, H 19,2 mm Beidseitig entspiegeltes Saphirglas In zwei Richtungen drehbare Lünette Verschraubte Krone mit Doppeldichtung Wasserdicht bis 10 atm


Schwarz / silber / schwarz + silber/ blau Arabische Numerierung und leuchtende Stabzeiger


Stunde, Minute, Sekunde Chrono: 1/10-Sekunde, 60-Minuten und 12-Stunden Totalisator , Kalender Sender auf 121,5 MHz (internationale Notruffrequenz)


Stahlb IWC-Saint-Exupery/IWC-Watches/Portugal-Series/Calendar-Portuguese/fbjyfvkr. breitling bentley 6.75 replicaand Fighter oder Kautschukband Diver Pro Auch mit Leder-, Haifisch- oder Krokoband erhältlich Literatur Breitling. Die Geschichte einer großen Uhrenmarke. 1884 bis heute ; Autor: Benno Richter ; ISBN 3766711350 Das ZEITGEFÜHL-Uhrenbuch ; Autor: Gerd-Lothar Reschke ; ISBN 3-938607-61-0 Von „ https://www./index.php?title=Breitling_Emergency_Mission&oldid=12772 “ Kategorien : Uhrenmodelle Chronographen Breitling Modelle
breitling emergency 1 watch

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omega watches seamaster 300m chronometer WATCH IN THE WILD: BREITLING EMERGENCY

Often, when you’re considering buying a watch you’ll think to yourself, “I wonder who else wears this piece?” We can all see that David Beckham and John Travolta wear a Breitling in the ads, but what about IRL?

The watch I’m most often stumped by, personally speaking, is the Breitling Emergency.

The Breitling Emergency II, released at Basel 2013. More beastly than ever. RRP $19,060 AUD

While its brute size is just plain boss and its functionality reassuring (though in the urban wilds the only emergency I commonly face is –  Help, stop. Hungover, stop. Dying, stop. Send Grill’d chips, stop. ) it’s the furthest thing from practical for a daily wear. Especially if you don’t have several acres of space under your buttoned cuff. I have a fond memory of Basel 2013. I was trying on the Emergency II in front of Breitling VP Jean-Paul Giardin and trying to get a wrist shot with my cuff covering it just so. JP watched on in amusement as I persisted.

After a couple of minutes, he stepped closer and said, “I think we’d better just undo the cuff.” Bye bye cuff. It only made me more curious.

Who the hell actually wears one of these brilliant, maximalist machines on a day-to-day basis? Apart from helicopter pilots and safety-conscious gangsters that is.

The Breitling Emergency II. RRP $19,060 AUD

Well, the good news today is that we have unequivocally found the guy . And if the question of how you’d actually pull one off as a daily beater was holding you back from a purchase, get ready to be schooled, and get your bank manager on the phone.  This guy may be the most inspiring real-life Breitling wearer we’ve ever seen and this little video will make your day, and – judging by the moist eyes around the T+T office – make you cry as well. Christian the Lion , there’s a new reunion video in town, sob.

The most inspiring Breitling Emergency wearer on the planet? Conservationist Damian Aspinall reconnecting with Kwibi the gorilla he raised. #tears

The story is that our Emergency wearer,  Damian Aspinall is a conservationist who raised Kwibi the gorilla for the first five years of his life. In many stories this rearing relationship is described more like Damian ‘being a father to Kwibi’ than simply feeding and housing him in an enclosure. At five-years-old, Aspinall released Kwibi into the wild. Five years later there were reports that Kwibi was attacking humans and Aspinall made the decision to seek him out and reconnect. Watch the video for what happens next. Look out for the watch from 1:50… 

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